Becoming and Better Asker and Listener with Bob Tiede, #59

By Lee Whitehead

Becoming and Better Asker and Listener

Becoming and Better Asker and Listener with Bob Tiede, #59 | Follower of One

In this week’s episode of the Follower of One Podcast, Mike speaks with Bob Tiede. Bob is a Leadership Development expert with over 49 years of experience with Cru Global and currently works as the Director of Global Operations Leadership Development for Cru as well as an international blogger on his website – Please welcome him to the community!

Episode Breakdown

  • 00:50 – Meet Bob Tiede
  • 2:25 –
  • 3:25 – How Bob joined the Cru team
  • 9:00 – Bob’s advice on being more spiritual in your daily life
  • 13:10 – Bob’s Published Books
  • 19:25 – Bob’s Confession
  • 23:10 – How to become a better “Asker”
  • 29:25 – Bob’s advice for Christians during this time
  • 30:50 – Bob’s Story
  • 34:40 – The Importance of Listening

Asking Questions and Listening

This is a theme in today’s podcast with Bob. Understanding one another is the most important thing we can aspire to do and the way to accomplish that goal is foreshadowed in this title! However, this isn’t easy for everyone. Some are shyer than others and sometimes we get in our way of really getting to know one another. Bob has several books on the topic (we will link below), it all starts and ends with questions and answers. Now, let us ask YOU a few questions – What have you done recently to get to know your co-workers? How do you listen? What is stopping you from making that first step? Let us know and tune in to Bob’s books and blog so we can help you get there! 

Taking Opportunities 

We have been through a lot in 2020. I know it sounds like a broken record but we, as a society, and better yet, as a faith, have never been more tested together than we are now. It matters that we are still here and healthy. It is time to not lose sight of the bigger picture and start taking opportunities that are given to us. How can we spread the word of God? What situations have we been ignoring that can blossom growth in our relationships and our everyday work? These are the questions we need to be asking ourselves because we all miss 100 percent of the shots we don’t take! Let’s grab these open doors while we see them and make the most of our situation while we still can. Sometimes during adversity, we make the greatest strides to our goals! 

“If you want to connect with people, if you want to see change take place – you ask them questions and let them discover their own answers.”

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