Help My Unbelief – Mark 9:23-24

Help My Unbelief

Help My Unbelief - Mark 9:23-24 | Follower of One

Where do you fail to trust? Mike thinks we all come up short somewhere. He talks about regularly praying that Jesus would help his unbelief.

Are you willing to pray that prayer? We want to see Jesus move? We want to experience the glory of God. But just before this experience, can you imagine how this father felt? His son was in a terrible way. And everyone he spoke with up until this point couldn’t help. He was discouraged and helpless.

My wife has some health challenges related to auto-immune disease. She gets discouraged as a result. She struggles with it regularly, but nothing seems to work.

There are 2 common misconceptions. The first is that there is something we can do about them. If our behavior changed, our situation would change. Maybe. But also maybe not. The second misunderstanding is that nothing can be done. Jesus simply says, “If you can?” and he states it as a question. He’s challenging how this father would question his ability.

Jesus is able. So please ask and keep asking. Sometimes our request may result in a miracle like what he did for this father and son. Other times our request is delayed or rejected. Paul prayed for healing in 2 Corinthians 12 but God told him no. It happens.

Let’s ask him today to help our unbelief. And then let’s trust him to use us no matter what. One day we will see him, and know him. Until then, every opportunity is a chance for Jesus to help our unbelief.

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