God Provides for Us in Advance – Romans 5:8

God Provides for Us in Advance

God Provides for Us in Advance - Romans 5:8 | Follower of One

Often we think that we’re saved because we believe. But notice that Jesus died for us first. He paid for all of the sin first. We experience his salvation when we believe. Does that mean everyone is going to heaven? I don’t think so. We’re also told that if we don’t know Jesus, if we don’t follow him we will experience his wrath.

Jesus died in our place. He took our sin and died for us. His payment is credited to us when we believe. Many people think that’s it. We believe in Jesus and then we go into a holding pattern until we die. Once we die, we enter the next phase. But if that’s the case, why did Jesus save you and then leave you here?

I think it was Oswald Chambers who said we don’t go to hell because we sinned. We go to hell because we refused to follow the One who saves us. Today, let’s follow Jesus. Ask him what you can do because you follow him. He will put you to work. I was recently reminded of a story told by a couple who took the marketplace mission trip. They decided to purchase a video game for someone because they were on the trip. They went to this local game store to try and get this game which is no longer made. They were willing to buy a used copy for their friend because this was a rare item. But there were no used copies. The store clerk checked inventory, though and found a new copy. It seems someone reserved that copy 2 years earlier. Coincidence, or God? You decide.

Jesus died for your sin before you ever committed one. God knew you would. And he made a perfect way for you to have your relationship with him restored. Today, punch in. Tell God you’re ready and willing to be part of his work today. He will put you to work and you will experience the joy this couple experienced too.

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