New Wine in New Wineskins – Matthew 9:17

New Wine in New Wineskins

New Wine in New Wineskins - Matthew 9:17 | Follower of One

In Matthew, as well as Mark 2:22 and Luke 5:37-39, Jesus is recorded as making this statement. This illustration is about a disciple of Jesus. He’s telling the Jewish leaders and us and everyone throughout time about the actions of a disciple. Or rather, he’s telling us about something different.

In this day, a disciple was a student. It meant a learner. They followed the rabbis around and learned from them and did what they were told. If you’ve watched The Chosen television series, you’ll see this illustrated. Mostly they were Pharisees and Saducees. The pupil would apprentice with the teacher.

In all 3 of the Gospels, Jesus has just selected Matthew, the tax collector to be one of his disciples. To the people who followed John, and those who followed any respectable Jewish leader, they wouldn’t let anyone follow them who had been a traitor to the Jews. But Jesus initiated the conversation and invited Matthew to follow him – radical.

The new wineskins are you and me. Jesus is telling them his disciples won’t be like the disciples of the Jewish leaders. What can that mean for us? Today, let’s do what Jesus did. Let’s serve others and lay down our life for them. We’ll look at another verse about disciples tomorrow. Today, remember our job is to appreciate others and serve them. Remember Mark 10:45 where Jesus said that he came to serve rather than to be served. Find a way to serve someone today.

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