Benefits of Wisdom Part 3 Life – Proverbs 3:16

What about life do you most enjoy?

“Long life is in her right hand; in her left hand are riches and honor.” Proverbs 3:16 ESV

The “her” mentioned in this verse is Wisdom again. The author of these proverbs calls wisdom a lady. And in her right hand is long life and in her left hand are riches and honor.

I believe the author is talking about the enjoyment of life and riches and honor. Long life can be unpleasant. I get the sense that this long life is an enjoyable life. Stress and anxiety wear us down. A long stressful life is not good.

This verse seems to be saying that the enjoyment of life and contentment with riches and honor come from wisdom. I think about the margin that comes from joy. We get to experience more joy and to use that joy to bless others. Wisdom gives us the ability to experience joy and to have margin in our life.

When we live following Jesus, and we experience the wisdom from God, we have a minute for others. We’re in a position to be more grace-filled. We’re ready to share; able to bless others. We find the energy to put others ahead of ourselves. This creates margin for others, too. We bring ease and energy for others. We become givers.

Today, give life. Bring life, courage, energy to others. Be an encourager. Spend a minute longer with someone today. Wisdom comes from knowing God is our source and he has our situation under his control. We’re free to help others enjoy the confidence we experience because we know our Redeemer lives and that our eternal ticket is punched. We’re free to be a blessing to others because of the wisdom we have following Jesus and listening to the Holy Spirit.

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