The 3 Spiritual Practices of Every Believer

By Tacoi Bell

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As Christ followers, we have a very specific spiritual diet laid out for us in the pages of the Bible that helps us. This regimen, when closely followed, produces major results in the lives of believers. These practices are key to the vitality of our spiritual life and development and must be a source of discipline for every believer.


Prayer is the singular most important daily activity we can participate in. We have the logos Word of God, which is the Bible, but the rhema word is spoken to us through prayer. It reveals God’s heart and mind to us in real time. Prayer helps us to stay on mission and allows God to lead us, whether at work when interacting with coworkers or at home with our family and friends.

A woman holds open a Bible

Reading the Word

To a Christian, the Bible is our instructional guide and the source of our spiritual life. John 1:1 says that in the beginning the Word was with God and the Word was God. The tangible Word that was God and was seen and walked the earth was Jesus. This is why Jesus calls himself the bread of life in John 6:35: He came to fulfill every word spoken about the Son of man. To study how Jesus did that, we must be students of the Word.


Romans 8 tells us that our carnal mind, our flesh, is enmity against God. Therefore, it’s important to make a practice of fasting to subdue our flesh and to put our flesh under the submission of the spirit that lives inside of us. When we temporarily deny ourselves what our flesh enjoys (and is not sinful), God’s spirit within is able to lead us yet again, and we will not be led away by our own desires (James 1:14).

Maintaining the practices of prayer, reading the Bible, and fasting are beneficial pieces to our spiritual health. In seasons, we may be able to devote ourselves to one component over another, but we should be familiar with each of these avenues for tapping into God’s mind and heart for our lives.

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