Benefits of Wisdom Part 2 Value – Proverbs 3:15

By Tammy Burke

What’s most valuable to you?

“She is more precious than jewels, and nothing you desire can compare with her.” Proverbs 3:15 ESV

The “She” above is wisdom. This is the 2nd episode on wisdom from this section of Proverbs.

We talked about profit and wealth yesterday. Today, we’re talking about value. Value is different than wealth. We often equate the 2 because we purchase so many things with money. But there are things money can’t buy. Those things can still be very valuable. Often we hear about someone who discovers something they have is valuable. But it is also associated with an ancestor or a memory. Therefore, without thought of the monetary value, they’ll never sell. It’s more valuable than money to them.

This passage reminds us wisdom is more valuable than money. Like we said yesterday, wisdom can be given away over and over again. Wisdom can benefit people long after the value of an idea can be realized. Joseph trusted the vision and his wisdom saved both the Egyptians and the Jews for hundreds of years.

What does God want you to bring to the world? One of those things is wisdom. We get this wisdom from God simply by fearing him (see verse 7.) This “fear” is humility. It begins by realizing God is God and we’re not. We listen to him because we knows he created everything and sees everything. He operates in eternity. Our wealth and money and power will all stay on this side of forever.

Look for ways to be a blessing to others today. It begins with fearing God, gaining his wisdom and then serving others by applying and sharing that wisdom in the way we live. Don’t hear this as me suggesting we go tell people how wrong they are. We are called to live by a different standard quietly and let them figure it out for themselves. When they ask (1 Peter 3:15) we can give them the answers.

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