Bringing in the Light with Steven Crawford, #42

Bringing in the Light

In this week’s episode of the Follower of One podcast, Mike speaks with Steven Crawford. Steven has over 31 years of senior sales experience, the current President and CEO of Crawford & Grey and the current Director of Sales for McGhee Productivity Solutions. McGhee Productivity Solutions (MPS) is a performance consulting firm based in Denver, CO specializing in change management and productivity effectiveness. MPS empowers individuals, teams and organizations to increase performance and work-life synergy by creating sustainable cultures of alignment, focus, integrity, and accountability.

Episode Breakdown:

  • 0:55 – Meet Steve Crawford
  • 2:10 – Steve’s Story
  • 5:50 – Giving you life to Jesus
  • 6:50 – McGhee Productivity Solutions 
  • 10:55 – How Steve’s Faith is Integrated at Work
  • 16:20 – Steve’s Thoughts on Faith Mattering at Work
  • 18:15 – Bringing in the Light
  • 21:50 – Pressure in the Business Environment 


There are several reasons we justify to not take action. Vulnerability is among the top reasons and ironically it is one of the most important reasons to take action with your faith. Steven and Mike discuss how when we are vulnerable and use that vulnerability to open honest communication between God and our Coworkers, life becomes better. You have to be vulnerable to let God into your life. Have you chosen to leave everything up to God? There are only so many things we can control, but exponentially more things we can’t control. Being vulnerable is not a weakness but a strength with God. Use this strength to change the lives around you for the better!

Bringing in the Light

During the conversation with Mike, Steven shows one of the key things that McGhee Productivity Solutions uses to start off meetings of any kind. It is called “Bringing in the Light”. They use this term as a metaphor for using your energy and thoughts to build a better reception of information, ideas and collaboration just before a meeting. Steven talks about how this is different for every person. If you are a Christ-Follower, bringing in the light might be praying before a meeting or maybe it is just a quick meditation to get your mind ready for collaboration. Whatever the strategy is, what works best for you is the goal. How do you bring in the light before a meeting? How do you prepare yourself to build a better collaboration between your coworkers or employees? Take this time to think and build upon this! 

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