On Being Salt – Luke 14:34

On Being Salt

What does salt have to do with being a disciple? And how does this line up with this, our last day on the Marketplace Mission Trip? Salt changes the things it comes into contact with. It adds flavor and preserves. Jesus just made some bold statements about being a disciple. Many pastors interpret the passage before this as a command that we must quit our jobs and sell our possessions and go “into ministry.” But I believe Jesus is simply making a point. If we love our stuff, we won’t flavor and preserve those around us.

On this last day, let’s remember why we follow Jesus. I hope you have experienced the joy of working alongside him this week. That joy is our motivation. In the next chapter, in Luke 15, Jesus tells stories of how people give up everything they have for things they value, a sheep, a coin. In this passage, he’s reminding us that what we have following Jesus is more valuable than anything else. As we reflect on all Jesus has done for us, we will speak for ourselves selves and we will be his disciples. We will remain salty, making a difference in our workplaces.

Remember what Jesus has done for you. Love the future with him more than our past and our sin and we will remain salty. He will sprinkle us on our workplaces and our families and our lives will matter. And we can continue to speak for ourselves, explaining to others why we’re different, and leaving them to make their own choices.

Finally, please, right now, ask God who you should invite on the next Marketplace Mission Trip. Then, both of you can go to MarketplaceMissionTrip.com and sign up. Thank you for making an eternal difference and being a missionary in your world, too.

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