Serve with Quality – Daniel 1:18

Serve with Quality

When we deliver excellent work, we show others we trust Jesus. When we cut corners or act out of selfishness, we show how little we trust.

Daniel and his 3 Jewish friends were shown favor by God and before the king because they trusted God and stood up for what they believed. They each worked in the service of a pagan king. God opened doors for them, and also let them go through some famous trials because they served the kings well. Remember Israel was in captivity. God didn’t tell his people to resist the king, but rather these men delivered excellent work and it became part of the biblical story.

Let’s serve others today by delivering quality work. We show respect for our peers and our bosses, and we also reflect well on our faith. As a follower of Jesus, we can trust him and serve others with excellence because that’s exactly what Jesus did.

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