One of Us – Philippians 2:5-7

One of Us

Jesus became one of us. He laid aside his position as God, and put aside all of the power of being God and came to live and die as one of us.

Every day, we serve in a workplace with others. Some are Christ-followers and others are not. When we listen to them, we make the first move to being “with” them. Our appreciation of them, helps us build trust, respect. As we appreciate others, especially those who are not like us, we build bridges, unity. We deliver peace.

Remember to listen to others as an act of appreciation. Let’s not be so quick to speak as James 1:19 says. Rather when we are quick to listen, we become more like Jesus. We lay aside our pride and join the people we’re with today. Jesus knows where we are. When it’s time for us to be around other Christians all the time, Jesus will make that happen. But who we’re with today, let’s be with them in so that we might help them see Jesus. One way we can do that is to listen to appreciate and understand.

Check out Episode 122 from back in April on this same passage to think more about how this passage calls us to live differently.

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