Bringing Monday to Sunday with Luke Bobo, ep#22

Bringing Monday to Sunday

In this week’s episode of The Follower of One podcast, Mike speaks with Luke Bobo. Luke is a former engineer and current Director of Strategic Partnerships at Made To Flourish. Luke has a Masters in Divinity and is currently focusing on growing the Made to Flourish network across the country. In this episode, Mike and Luke talk about faith at work and the interesting angle at which Made to Flourish approaches the faith at work movement.

Episode Breakdown:

  • 00:53 – Luke Bobo’s Story
  • 03:28 – How Luke became apart of Made to Flourish
  • 06:43 – Made to Flourish
  • 11:08 – Who connects with Made to Flourish
  • 15:23 – How to Equip Pastors to take part in the Faith at Work Movement
  • 17:13 – Workplace Visit “Bringing Monday into Sunday”
  • 23:43 – How Made to Flourish began

Pastors and Faith at Work

Made to Flourish is a network of pastors who are given resources to build better teaching for faith at work. Yet, not all pastors teach on the subject of faith at work. Why is that? Luke goes through the unique opportunity Made to Flourish offers pastors across the nation and why it is so important to have these teachings in our Sunday services. 

Majority of our Lives

The majority of our lives are not spent in church. This fact is easy to understand but not simple. We spend the majority of our lives at our workplaces (Monday through Friday). How do we incorporate what we learn one day of the week to all the rest of the days of the week? How can our work, paid or not, allow us to reach out through our faith? Luke talks about how to do just that in this episode. The Bible talks about it, we live it, now we need to incorporate it into our everyday lives.

Bringing Monday to Sunday

One of the topics Mike and Luke discuss is “Bringing Monday to Sunday”. This topic is diverse but at its core, it involves pastors not only teaching faith at work but visiting people at their place of work as well. Interestingly, it gives pastors a much better knowledge of what goes on within our daily lives away from the Church but also empowers and excites us that they are visiting in the first place. This type of experience has deep spiritual value and Luke goes into further detail about this in the episode. How can I get my pastor involved in this? What does it take to learn more about this on Sundays? Reach out to Luke or Made to Flourish to find out more!

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