Building Trust in the Workplace with Jermaine Edwards, #112

Today on the Follower of One podcast, Mike Henry sits down with Jermaine Edwards, a multi-business owner and growth advisor. He is a proud father of 6 kids and spends most of his time helping leaders and organizations understand how to become the kind of place their customers never want to leave. In this episode, Mike and Jermaine talk about growing relationships as Christians in the workplace, building trust in the workplace, creating the right environment for the workplace, and dealing with a toxic workplace. 

Jermaine Edwards
Jermaine Edwards

Outline of the Episode

  • 0:21 – About Jermaine Edwards
  • 2:05 – Growing relationships as Christians in the workplace
  • 3:49 – Building trust in the workplace
  • 4:48 – How Jermaine came to Christ
  • 8:39 – Creating the right environment for the workplace
  • 12:40 – The importance of creating the right environment for the workplace
  • 15:53 – Dealing with a toxic workspace
  • 21:38 – Jermaine’s advice to marketplace Christians

Growing Relationships in the Workplace

Have you ever thought about the importance of relationships in the workplace? As a marketplace Christian, relationships are key to sharing the gospel. Creating these relationships builds trust between coworkers, and to share the Gospel, we need to build trust with coworkers. 

Creating the Right Environment in the Workplace

To create the right environment in the workplace and for your customers, you need to change the perspective of what it means to serve customers. Environments directly influence the activities and thoughts that happen within them. Creating the right environment will increase customer satisfaction and workplace morale. 

Dealing with a Toxic Workplace

It’s likely that you will deal with a toxic workplace in your life. To deal with a toxic workplace, you need to step out and challenge the workplace. Join with your coworkers to cause a change in the workplace. 

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