Chasing Greatness – Matthew 20:26

Chasing Greatness

Chasing Greatness - Matthew 20:26 | Follower of One

Would you like to become great? Serve. We blow over things like this. But Mike challenges us to listen to God through prayer and then do whatever God tells us, as long as it lines up with scripture. Is there a better way to spend your life? Don’t you feel your flesh and your circumstances rising up in rebellion? “What if God tells me to use a bunch of my time or my money to do something? I’m too busy!”

When we fail to obey, we miss out. Can you trust God for more today? Can you serve more than you think? Can you carefully devise a way to serve someone at work and ask God to help make it happen? Everything we have, time, money and experiences, all come from God. He will use them. He will inform us and teach us and use us if we will let him. We need other Christians speaking into our lives, but especially those who challenge us to be more like Jesus. And Jesus gave his life for people who would kill him.

Today, let’s ask God how we can serve those around us and then, do it!!! Make a way. As Mike says, solve for how? Don’t ask why or begin making excuses. Make it happen. And if you do, please share a note or send an email to and let us know how it went. We’re grateful for your service to our King!

Don’t forget to check out the Marketplace Mission Trip, too. We have another one starting in just a couple of weeks. Head over to to learn more and sign up.

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