Combining Work with Your Ministry with Jim & Martha Brangenberg Ep. #12

Combining Work with your Ministry:

Most of us struggle with the combination of our workplace and our ministry/church place. Even from the beginning, we are taught to keep those things separate. In this podcast, with Jim and Martha Brangenberg, we learn of the importance of combining these two seemingly separate lives into one, complete life. 

Jim and Martha are both entrepreneurs and radio talk show hosts on iWork4Him. In this episode of the Follower Of One Podcast, Jim and Martha discuss their paths to iWork4Him and what it really means to have a marketplace ministry in today’s world. 

Outline of This Episode:

6:00  – How things have changed for Jim and Martha 

12:15 – Challenges by the Lord

14:00 – What more is there for me?

19:30 – Workforce and Leadership roles through Faith

23:35 – Everyone has a “workplace” 

29:45 – What does it mean to be content with nothing? 

34:35 – How to think about “work”

Building a Business on Your Faith:

There are several protections in the workplace, one of them being your faith and religion. Jim and Martha talk about those protections sometimes being a roadblock to living your faith every day in the workplace. One of the key ways to accomplish this task is to hire people who do not believe in what you believe. This is a perfect opportunity to introduce what your belief in God really is, and allow them to be exposed to the type of passion and person you are today because of your faith. Everything you do becomes a chance to incorporate your faith. 

Having a Marketplace Mindset:

We have all been exposed to mission trips. These trips are by nature, short and in a different part of the world from where you are today. However, our jobs are not finished when we return back home. Jim and Martha talk about their goal to have everyone indulge in the “marketplace mindset”. This mindset is designed to show you that every day, anyone and everyone can be a minister in their daily lives. Just because you are not in the workforce does not mean that you don’t have the ability to be a minister. Listen as Jim and Martha explain what this means through first-hand stories. The opportunity is everywhere, we just need to recognize it. 

Perspective on Contentment:

What does being content really mean? Are we content with our lifestyle? Job? Faith? Everyone is on different paths in life and some are afforded more than others but including a perspective on contentment is key to understand the limits of your faith. How can we become content with nothing? Jim asks this in the podcast to add color to mission trip stories. Some people are more fortunate than others and Jim gets us thinking about how our resources might be better used if we have the ability to use them. Find out in this episode how Jim and Martha put contentment into perspective and what that means for us as we try to live our faith every day in the workplace, not just at church and on mission trips. 

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