Keep Growing in Knowledge

Keep Growing in Knowledge

Leah: Hi, it’s Leah with Follower of One. Once we’ve completed a marketplace mission trip, are we done? Let’s listen to Mike as he talks about the importance of growing in our knowledge of Jesus.

Growing Our Knowledge

Mike: Hey, this is Mike Henry with Follower of One. And today we want to talk about, know what you believe, and the importance of growing our knowledge of Christ. Years ago I was talking with a pastor about overseas mission trips. And he was talking about how when you go overseas and you get someplace out of your comfort zone, you get totally dependent upon Christ.

Joy In Knowing

It’s easy for you to focus on him and you experience this joy knowing that what you’re doing matters for eternity. The same thing is true on a marketplace mission trip. Although we don’t go overseas. Many people have reported that they experienced joy. And I’ve experienced joy getting into a position where I’m dependent upon Jesus for the next sentence in a dialogue or for whether or not I do something for a coworker today.

Importance in Knowing

We talk also about the importance of knowing why we believe in Jesus, but after we come back from a mission trip, it’s tempting to get back into our old routines and go back to where we were when we started the mission trip, to begin with.

In Philippians 1:6, the apostle Paul talks about “He who began a good work in you, will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.” It’s talking about God. God saved us and he will continue to complete our growth in Christ for the rest of eternity, we will be growing in Jesus.

Know What You Believe

When we talk about the third daily activity, know what you believe, this is not a static knowledge of Jesus. This is a growing knowledge of Jesus. The more we follow him and the more we engage with him on the market place mission trip, or in any activity, the better we know him. We experience the joy of knowing what he would have us do and doing it.

Also, the more we read or memorize scripture impacts our knowledge of Jesus as well. And so we want to grow in our knowledge of Christ through doing what he says and also through reading about him, studying his word. The more we grow in knowledge of Jesus, the more joy we experience. And the more joy we experience, the more we look for opportunities to do what Jesus says.

We Are Encouraged

We’re blessed when we’re generous. We are encouraged when we encourage others and we are energized when we mobilize others. Do that today. Let’s make that our action this week. Reflect on your time following Jesus and enjoy it.

Remember what he did in you, and then ask him for opportunities to use you more in the lives of the people you meet. We’re having fun. Let’s take part in that again tomorrow in our workplace and he will use us for his glory.

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