Completed by the Spirit – Galatians 3:3

Completed by the Spirit

Completed by the Spirit - Galatians 3:3 | Follower of One

Do you catch yourself making rules? If you have a bad day, then do you go into hiding as a Christ-follower? Paul gets after the Galatians because they trust the Holy Spirit to save them, but then they think they have to adhere to a bunch of rules.

Mike talked about how he often thinks he has to behave for a while once he screws up. But is that the truth? Or does that defeat the truth of scripture?

One of the great truths of serving others is that we can do it any time. Most people will let you serve them. Serving others is one of our daily activities. Even if you screwed up, you can still serve others. So don’t talk. Avoid your Christian language and your Christian words. Simply be who Jesus wants you to be. This is less about cussing or losing your temper. It’s about serving others. Don’t let your own sin keep you from serving others. If you’ve been saved by the Spirit, then let the Spirit complete his work. Act when he tells you to act. You can always make something right. You can always serve someone else at your own expense. Stop focusing on what you can’t do, and focus on what you can do. Today, serve others. Pray to God and then do what he says. He will complete his work in your life. You can’t do it. He must.

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