Discovering Your Strengths with Dale Young, ep#19

Discovering Your Strengths

In this episode of the Follower of One Podcast, Mike speaks with Dale Young. Dale is a certified Coach through ACC, executive WeAlign Coach and former IT professional with over 4 decades of experience. Dale helps people discover what is unique about them and then turns that into the ultimate strength in business. What are your strengths? What about you is unique? Find out more in this week’s episode!

Episode Details:

  • 2:20 – Leadership and what it means
  • 5:40 – Dealing with your “Whole Self”
  • 6:55 – Dale’s Book – The Identity Key
  • 10:00 – Dale’s thoughts on The Marketplace Mission Trip
  • 14:35 – Takeaway from Dale on the impact of the mission trip
  • 16:20 – Dale’s experiences with faith at work
  • 22:10 – What’s Next for Dale
  • 26:40 – How to get in touch with Dale

Dealing with the Whole Self

Dale begins to describe that every person is a “whole person”. The whole person is a combination of three main things – Your work life, personal life, and your spiritual life. If you only address one or two of those things you are limiting both your potential and experiences. This directly relates to faith at work (spiritual life). We were all created to do something very specific but most of the time this is difficult to figure out and find. My listening and honing in on our “whole self” we can be to structure our next steps and find out just what God has in store for us. In fact, Dale wrote a book on this (one in a series) called The Identity Key. This book is designed to help you understand on a deep level who you were created to BE and could be a great place to start!

Framework for Faith at Work

Everyone is walking on different paths through life but we all need a framework on how to get to an end result right? Faith at work is no different. In the conversation with Dale, the Follower of One Marketplace Mission Trip gave the right framework to make it easy for anyone to do. Dale talks about how it was an eye-opening experience that showed what he can be doing on a daily basis with everyone around him. What steps have you taken lately to pray for your coworkers? What about Appreciating people around you? Serving others? Knowing what you believe? If you want to do more – take a look at the next Marketplace Mission Trip and sign up! We believe in you and our process!

Connect With Dale:

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