Doing the Word Part 2 – John 13:17

Doing the Word

Are you doing the word? The night before Jesus died he washed the disciple’s feet. He even washed the feet of the man who would betray him. He then states that we will be blessed if we do these things. “These things” is a reference to verse 15, the actions he has done. Maybe everything he did over the 3 years, but certainly what he just did washing their feet. We think we can solve the world’s problems by telling others how to act. But Jesus says we will be blessed if we do the lowly, menial, servant work. Doing the word seldom looks like telling others what to do. Often, it looks like washing feet. But the rewards are eternal. Imagine being blessed by Jesus? Imagine the greatest joy you can experience. Now imagine what it would be like to experience that joy forever because you laid down your life to help someone else.

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