Equipping Servant Leaders with Logan Bloom, Ep #156

By Tammy Burke

Logan Bloom is an author, speaker, and founder of the Servant Leader Network. Their mission is to help empower leaders to be a light to the world in whatever context they find themselves in.

As a pastor’s kid, Logan felt called to serve God, which he thought meant attending bible school and choosing vocational ministry. So he followed that path and has been in ministry most of his life.

But he realized that you don’t have to be in ministry to be a light to the world. Ministry isn’t just left to pastors, church staff, and missionaries. God is activating the saints in every sphere of society to be a light to the world. 

Ministry is service. You don’t have to quit your job to do that. Detaching Jesus from the day-to-day is a mistake. It’s not the vision Jesus has for us. God loves to get into the ordinary details in our lives and turn them into extraordinary things. 

In this episode of Follower of One, Logan shares how his ministry is helping equip business leaders to be a light to the world exactly where they are. 

Outline of the Episode

  • Learn more about Logan Bloom [1:23]
  • The Servant Leader Network [5:49]
  • The courses and resources available [8:51]
  • Consider yourself a servant (not a leader) [12:31] 
  • What’s next for Servant Leader Network [17:49]
  • Logan’s prayer for Follower of One [25:20] 

The Servant Leader Network

The Servant Leader Network is designed to help be an encouragement and fuel the fire for leaders who are implementing their faith in their work. They offer free resources, tools, and training materials. 

How did it start? Logan’s family was approached by several business leaders who wanted to host a Monday morning prayer meeting for businesses in the community. Logan had never been part of one. He was assigned to help coordinate and lead it. 

They started with four people and grew to forty. Logan saw remarkable answers to prayer. That was the kindling that became part of a larger movement of business leaders in their city praying together, holding each other accountable, and encouraging one another. It’s shifting the way their businesses interact with each other and the community. 

This is happening spontaneously all over the world. The Servant Leader Network is just a piece of a broader movement. They want to be fuel to the existing fire. Business leaders need resources, tools, relationships and supportive people around them. 

Logan felt called to develop free tools to give away as an investment in this move of God on earth. You can go to ServantLeaderNetwork.org and use anything you want. They’ll even let you repurpose and rebrand it. 

Providing free resources for Christians

As Logan met with missionaries and leaders in Christian business circles, he started asking them for their specific needs. One of their requests was for contextualized prayer resources. No one had anything specific on prayer for business. They were coming up empty. 

So Logan started sending out a scripture-based prayer in email form to different business leaders. It became a book called “Praying God’s Word for Your Business.” They’ve also developed this concept into courses that are six-week studies designed to kindle the fire for what God is stirring in your community. 

Listen to learn more about the courses and materials that will be available in the Follower of One community!

Consider yourself a servant (not a leader)

Servanthood is the model that Jesus gave us. Every Biblical description of the ideal church is a community of people taking the servant leadership model of Jesus and living it out as a faithful witness to the world. 

Your position isn’t too small or obscure. It is in those places where God decides to do something miraculous. The Bible is full of stories of God doing remarkable things with ordinary people in ordinary places. You will always be presented with opportunities to speak into someone’s life. Don’t count yourself out. 

Start with where you are, serve the people God places in front of you, and trust God to give you direction. What would it look like for everyone to be shown the love of Jesus in a tangible and relational way? Unreached people groups aren’t just overseas. They’re in your backyard. Can you build an intentional relationship around the love and compassion of Jesus? 

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