Workplace Advocacy and Jesus Culture

By Tacoi Bell

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In our western culture, there is much emphasis on individualism and self-interests. We are praised for ensuring that our needs are met, even if it means others are stepped on in the process. This mindset is prevalent in every part of our lives — at the grocery store, in traffic, and even at work. If someone else ‘wins’, that means that we lose. But what if this did not have to be true?

Opposition to the cultural collective is a detriment in any part of our world experience, but this is the most prevalent in work culture. Inherently, we hold a belief that in order to get to the top of the company ladder, we must be cutthroat. We may justify this within ourselves, rationalizing that if we didn’t step on the fingers of another someone else would do it. This is where we need the spirit of God to instruct us and help us to overcome our own nature.

In the last few blog posts, I have been dealing with the idea of workplace advocacy and what it should look like in the life of a Christ-follower. However, I do believe it’s important for a believer to know what workplace advocacy is and how to showcase it in the marketplace.

What is Workplace Advocacy?

If you perform a Google search on workplace advocacy, results concerning brand awareness are likely to show up. Workplace advocacy can have two definitions: It can mean the ways in which an employee becomes the spokesperson or walking billboard for their company’s brand, or the ways in which an employee helps to facilitate a healthy work culture for everyone. Obviously, I am referring to the latter. Everyone deserves to be a part of a work environment that serves them and enacts policies that benefit the entire good of the company, not just a part. This is the essentialism of workplace advocacy and where believers can ensure just treatment for all.

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Often partnered with workplace advocacy is self-advocacy, which speaks to one’s ability to express their own needs and desires. It may be surprising to see self-advocacy and workplace advocacy discussed in the same place because if we only see to our own self-interests, we are not necessarily seeing to the needs of others. When we ensure that only our plan is the plan that moves forward, there will be people who fall through the cracks. There will be people whose needs are not met. Concepts like self-advocacy uphold our individualistic beliefs which go against the heart of Jesus culture.

Jesus Culture in the Workplace

Jesus was all about what was beneficial for the good of the whole. There is evidence of this many times throughout the Bible, but the greatest example of all is that he died for us. Recall in Matthew 26:39 that Jesus pleaded to God to see if there was any way the cup (his portion, to die on the cross) could pass from him. This conditional clause was self-advocacy in action. Jesus had lived his entire life for this one moment, but when the time came, he was having second thoughts.

But Jesus understood the importance of what he was about to do and how it would benefit all of mankind. He tells God “nevertheless, not as I will, but as you will” (ESV). Jesus laid aside his own self-interests to serve us all. And we are forever grateful for his great sacrifice.

If it isn’t apparent, Jesus culture is in direct opposition to self-advocacy. To say we love Jesus but we go to work everyday only concerned about how policies and initiatives impact us introduces a contradiction. Loving Jesus means getting involved for the greater good. According to Proverbs 31:9, we are to defend the rights of the poor and needy. Of course, this applies more out of the marketplace, but there may be people we speak to everyday at our job who have a cause that we can stand behind. 

And I am just crazy enough to believe that once one of us makes a choice to advocate for the needs of others, more of us will follow suit and introduce Jesus culture for all in the marketplace. 

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