Every Interaction Matters – Matthew 28:19

Every Interaction Matters

Every Interaction Matters - Matthew 28:19 | Follower of One

The Great Commission is contained in Matthew 28:18-20. We call it a commission because we’re being sent on a mission. This command is universal. It is for everyone who follows Jesus.

Often we think of missionaries as someone who is sent overseas or to a different people group in another land or area of our own country. But there is a footnote by the word “go” in the New American Standard and other bibles. The Greek word translated “Go” could also be translated by “having gone” or “as you go.” Since this is a universal command, Jesus is acknowledging that we all go. 

Today, you will go. We’re all in some degree working to go back to work. Or we work remotely. Whatever we do today, we come into contact with a number of people. Every interaction is an opportunity to make disciples. Much can be said about making disciples. But for today, remember you’re sent. You’ve been commissioned. Jesus sent you into every human interaction you will have today. As you go to the office, will you stop and get breakfast or coffee? Pray for the person taking your order. Give a huge tip. Find some way to serve them. Will you be on a conference call or in a staff meeting? Pray for every person on the call. As you go today, ask God to use you to make a difference for eternity.

Also, have you heard about our latest effort? We’re developing a tool to enable groups of any size to do their own marketplace mission trip. But we could use your help. Please pray for our efforts. Learn more about what you can do to be a part of our effort by going to MissionTripInABox.com.

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