Plan to be Interrupted – Luke 8:43-44

Plan to be Interrupted

Plan to be Interrupted - Luke 8:43-44 | Follower of One

A synagogue official named Jairus came to ask Jesus to heal his daughter. So Jesus begins going with him to his house to heal the daughter. But a woman sneaks through the crowd to touch Jesus’ garment and she’s healed from an illness that had lasted for years. Jesus stops to find out who was just healed. The official must be going nuts. His daughter is about to die. She’s been sick a while. In fact, we find out below that she’s probably already dead.

This is a great story because it shows us Jesus didn’t know he would be interrupted either. But he had made time in his schedule, even his life, for others.

Today, put some time in your life. I know if you ask God he will wake you up. He gets me up all the time. Use the extra time to talk to him. Get ready for work early. Get some of your work done ahead of time. You are a full-time minister. If you’re too busy writing software or selling cars or doing engineering work, you’ll miss your opportunities to minister. Yes, engineering is ministry. But if God interrupted Jesus, he’ll interrupt you.

Today, put some time in your schedule for others. Watch Jesus fill it. He will. You’ll find your life is more peaceful, and you will enjoy more time with Jesus. Let’s live like we trust him. He can do more with your day if you give him part of it first. Make time for others today.

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