Focus on Others to Make Space For Spiritual Conversations

God Space by Doug Pollock | Follower of One ResourcesDoug Pollock wrote an exciting book called God Space: Where Spiritual Conversations Happen Naturally. This short, easy to read book provides ideas, stories,  attitudes, and tools to equip you to focus on others and live your everyday life open to God and his guidance. When we interact with others without being pushy, we give God room to make himself visible. If we want God to use us to draw people to himself, this book is an excellent resource!

For the overall idea of the book, the author challenges us to focus on others, the people we interact with every day. We can even be selfish when we try to do things for others. But, when we are others-focused, we notice more, listen more, explore ideas more. We seem less like a jerk. We communicate the grace of God by respecting others and treating them as the most important person in the conversation.

On their website,, they have a number of tools designed to equip you to make space for God to work in the lives of the people with whom you interact. The first step is to shift our focus to others. What can we do to help others draw closer to Jesus on their own, under their own power. One great idea is this video below.


Will you take the challenge he mentions in the video! Start praying for your coworkers and watch what God does. Invest your time and energy. Ask God to show you how to act differently and he will give you ideas. But, be sure to act, or eventually you won’t hear his voice as well. When we act on the ideas God provides, we build the habits of trusting God and watching him work.

Read more about the book in our Resources Directory and get a couple of copies. Go through this with a friend. I’ve read the book twice and found new ideas each time.

And stay tuned for an upcoming adventure! Over the coming days and weeks, I’ll share more about God Space and some ideas we have to help you focus on others and impact the people you meet every day. Watch for our next post!

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