Serve Your Coworkers with the Love of Christ

I’m listening to an audio book version of Conspiracy of Kindness: A Unique Approach to Sharing the Love of Jesus by Steve Sjogren. The book is about serving others, or for our workplace, serve your coworkers, customers and vendors.

Conspiracy of Kindness at Amazon.comAccording to the book, to effectively tell other people about Jesus, we need to serve them first. The author calls this Servant Evangelism. The book presents a number of excellent examples of how the church gives away services simply to show the love of Jesus. Those examples include offering to clean toilets in the mall, wash cars, fill parking meters, all at no cost to the recipient.

Critical Reviews

Some reviewers criticize the author, and the book because the approach is indirect. One reader expressed that he thought there was no difference between this and a social gospel. (I don’t have the exact quote, nor do I want to repeat it.)

The author presents their reasoning in the book. Simply loving others and serving them causes people to ask. In God Space, Doug Pollock never quotes the bible without asking permission. Not-yet-Christians often give the bible little credibility and authority in their lives anyway. So he always asks. Also, no one said we all have to do everything the exact same. I appreciate that some present the Good News one way and others present it another. Certain people may respond one approach and not the other. God makes a variety of methods, but only one Savior. And our methods should vary based on the people we meet. Jesus didn’t speak or heal the same way every time either.

Workplace Examples

For me, and I’m not finished with the book, there are no workplace examples. Methods assume a particular context. Much of the book assumes a church group approaching people outside of their work, at shopping malls, sporting events and community activities. They also offer to clean the toilets of business establishments, but there are few examples where both the server and the one being served are together regularly in the same workplace.

One Idea to Serve Your Coworkers

I agree with the author and the premise that serving others is a key way to introduce others to the love of Jesus. Can you suggest ideas of how you can serve your coworkers above and beyond the call? One recommendation: do more than your job. Get your work done and then volunteer to help your coworkers with their jobs. Make sure they get the credit. Help them in a way that considers them more important than yourself. Go the extra mile for people who aren’t on your team and who can’t repay you.

Do more than your job.

Serve your coworkers today. Others will draw nearer to God when we do. And how much closer can we get than doing what Jesus did. Serve others. Everything else flows from our willingness to trust God and serve others instead of ourselves.

How can you serve your coworkers today over and above your job description? What ideas would you suggest?

Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash

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