Follow the Lifter – Psalm 3:3

By SAM Morrison

Follow the Lifter

Follow the Lifter - Psalm 3:3 | Follower of One

Do you deal with discouragement? Mike does. Anyone who tries to accomplish things will have to deal with some failure, some discouragement. How do you handle it?

God reminds us in Psalm 3 that he’s in charge. Using the words of the Psalmist, we’re reminded that God’s in charge. What he says, goes. And he sets things right. He lifts our head. We hang our heads when we’re discouraged. God encourages. He puts courage in.

Do you put courage into others? When we focus on God and trust him, we get extra courage. Let’s tell our problems about God. Let’s live relaxed, trusting him. Our rest and our peace testify to what we believe. And when we are given his peace, and courage we can give it to others.

Who’s head can you lift today? Who do you know that might be discouraged? Read this whole Psalm, maybe even memorize it and then give away the excess courage God gives you. Your coworkers need your courage and your confidence, not as a prod, but as someone willing to share and serve. Bring your courage and use it to serve others today.

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