Getting Unconventional About Business with Rick Boxx, ep#15

Getting Unconventional About Business

The Unconventional Business Network is a nexus for Christians who want to integrate faith into their daily business lives. Meet Rick Boxx, who started the Unconventional Business Network in 2001 as a way to use the Bible and its principles to be purposefully pragmatic in the workplace. In this episode of The Follower of One Podcast, we take the journey with Rick as he reveals how he has helped over 100,000 leaders use principles from the foundation of Nehemiah to impact both leadership and business decisions. 

Outline of This Episode:

  • 1:15 – Meet Rick Boxx w/ the Unconventional Business Network
  • 4:25 – How Rick got started 
  • 9:20 – Rick’s Book – Unconventional Business
  • 12:00 – Tackling business Practically through God’s word
  • 13:30 – How Goals Change
  • 16:40 – Differences in Faith at Work vs. 20 Years Ago
  • 25:20 – What’s next for Unconventional Business Network
  • 27:05 – Get connected

How has God Spoken to You that Changed Your Course?

Everyone is at different places in life. Yet, God speaks to us regularly, we just have to be willing to listen. Rick talks about his journey to becoming a born-again Christian. In his journey, we learn what circumstances changed the course of his life, and with one boss who was willing to do something completely “unconventional” to him and business as he knew it. Sometimes it only takes that one person, that one idea, to change how we think and act in our daily lives. You can become an agent of change if you are willing to listen to Him when the time comes.

One Resource can Make All the Difference

While Rick was just starting his transformation when he decided to try and learn what types of resources were out there on integrating faith into the workplace. At the time, there was only one he could find, “Business by the Book” by Larry Burkett. Rick used this book to jumpstart his career to where it is now. One book, one message, one plan, can help take you leaps and bounds beyond what you thought is possible. Don’t believe us? Listen to Rick here and you can see just how he was able to take what he learned to levels above and beyond expectations. With the vast amount of resources in today’s world, we need to assign ourselves to do the research and outreach necessary to live better through God. Our work is never done, and it does not stop on Sunday!

God is Allowing the Discomfort

Our lives are not met with ease. This is on purpose. Every challenge worth conquering is not easy. We learn that God has allowed it to be hard purposefully, just like our goal of purposefully living through him each day. And just as in business when goals change and obstacles come our way, we want to still succeed. Both Mike and Rick discuss why this happens and how to go about accomplishing our goals in business through his word.

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