Everyone Who Asks

Everyone Who Asks

Leah: Hi, it’s Leah with Follower Of One. Have you ever wanted to make every conversation about Jesus? Well, today Mike is going to talk about how sometimes it’s best to wait until we are asked. Let’s check it out.

Being Ready

Mike: Hi, I’m Mike Henry with Follower Of One. A friend and I were talking one day about integrating faith at work, and he confessed that he had a little bit of a challenge doing that. He was afraid that he didn’t know when to try and shift the conversation over to talking about spiritual things. He felt like he was wrestling with this balance between when to turn the conversation. And he was also trying to avoid being that guy at work, and he even used the air quotes. He said I don’t want to be that guy. In 1 Peter 3:15, it says, “But sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks.” Jesus gave to us so that we would give to others and our giving life, our serving others in the workplace, and our appreciating people should cause them to ask.

Wait Until We’re Asked

And God asks us to wait until we’re asked in this particular passage. But I have trouble waiting to be asked. In some cases sometimes I feel passive. I feel like I’m not being active enough about my faith. Other times though, I feel like I should twist the conversation, and I believe that’s what Peter is telling us to avoid here. God doesn’t ask us to engineer the dialogue or to try and manipulate a conversation around to talk to him. Do I trust God enough to prompt other people to ask? I think God’s model for this is totally dependent upon God. Sometimes Jesus wants us to ask. Sometimes Jesus wants us to wait. Everyone who asks is who we’re supposed to make a defense to. So in this passage in 1 Peter, he’s saying, wait and trust God. When we live a life that can’t be explained, that’s when people will ask. When we give away our time and our resources and our energy appreciating caring for our coworkers, others will ask.

Ask Permission

Sometimes God may prompt you to begin a conversation or to introduce Jesus into the dialogue and even when he does that, ask permission. I’ve had conversations where I’ve gone to people and said, “Well, I have a thought about that, but it comes from the Bible. Would you mind if I shared it?” When you ask permission, you give them an opportunity to say, no, I don’t want to hear that and then honor their request. If we trust God, then we can wait until people ask us. We serve them in such a way that our life looks unexplainable, and then it prompts them to ask. Remember to keep God in this equation. He will prompt other people to ask you and then for those people, we get to make a defense. In your marketplace ministry, this week trust God, serve others, pray for them and wait for Him to prompt them to ask. They will ask you, and you’ll get to explain to them why you follow Jesus, why are you living differently? Thank you for being a marketplace minister.

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