God’s Promise to the World

God knew you before you were born (Psalm 139:13). He had a purpose for creating you (Ephesians 2:10). Because Jesus died for all, God intends a relationship with all of us. He created you to be his friend. And up until you die, like one of the two men crucified along with Jesus, you can restore your friendship with Jesus and join him for eternity (Luke 23:39-43).

You do little without a purpose. You go to work to make a living or to make a difference. You buy a car, or food, you go to church, watch TV, do whatever you do with a particular outcome in mind. When you don’t achieve that outcome, you’re disappointed. If you meet or exceed that outcome, you’re happy, or you should be. The same goes for a business or an organization. We all expect something from our actions.

God had a reason for creating you. Part was a promise to himself. He wants to be your friend and he created you the way you are so he could have a friend like you. I think he is excited with each of us and who he made us to be. He looks forward to our restored friendship like I look forward to spending time with friends or seeing an old friend.

He also had a reason for putting you in a fallen world. He made the rest of the world a promise when he created you. Have you ever considered what he promised the world in you? He promised your family someone who would lead and protect, serve and provide. And he promised the people you work with someone who would add value, be worth more than they cost, be a valuable team member who provides a meaningful contribution. And he promised the people in your community a citizen who was a functioning member of society, contributing to the common good, making the community better.

Your best you fulfills the promise God made when he first thought of you. How are you doing as you deliver the promise made by God to the world?

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