Trust God in our Circumstances

Do you ever subject God, or more accurately, his ideas, to your circumstances? I do it more than I care to admit. I often think I don’t have the time or the money to do something. How do you know when you subject God’s ideas to your circumstances?

First, I feel like a victim. My circumstances limit my choices. I only have so much money or so much time, so I can’t possibly do whatever.

Second, my thoughts about the issue won’t go away. Over time they will. But when I pray, they come back. I generally attribute to God the ideas I get when I’m praying or praising God for something. Days, months and years pass, but often God brings those old ideas back.

Third, we fail to experiment with the idea that we could try something totally different. We won’t dedicate even 10 minutes to a point of view that says, “I will do this. Lord, show me how?”

Fourth, we distract ourselves. Every morning, I pray using a list I keep in the Logos Bible App. Often, I struggle to focus. Email notifications or ideas pop into my head. I can’t say I didn’t have the time to pray. But often, I consume prayer time chasing rabbits.

Fifth, deep down inside, you know you could do something about this idea and you just haven’t.

Give Your Circumstances to God

Do something different. Do it now. Give God the circumstances and the obstacles and just do what he says. Stop reading here and do whatever is on your mind. This post will be here when you get back. As I’m writing this, I prayed for you that you would take some action right now, and come back to this post and comment. Let us know what you did.

Put a note on your calendar. Go ahead and make the call. Put a note on your TV or whatever is the source of your interruption. Ship something, finish it. Get it done. I have a phone call to make today. I put it on my calendar. It will remind me to make the call. I’ve also prayed and asked God not to leave me alone. I don’t want to be the type of person who never does this thing. So I ask God to keep bugging me until I do it.

You probably never do this. But if you do, how do you deal with it? What one thing is God telling you to do right now? Please do it!

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