Helmet of Salvation – Ephesians 6:17

Helmet of Salvation

Helmet of Salvation - Ephesians 6:17 | Follower of One

Some of these images come from Isaiah 59:7. This is part of a prophesy talking about the salvation of the Jews. The Chosen One will come and some of these characteristics mentioned in this passage are associated with our Savior. This is one. Salvation is a helmet. It protects. We’re chosen. Our salvation as a follower of Jesus is certain, and that salvation protects us from Satan. Whatever Satan does to us won’t change the fact that we’re children of the King. Salvation is a helmet.

Do you think much about what God would have you do now that you’re saved? Does he just want you to stay out of trouble? Are you destined to just sit on the sidelines? Do you have to quit your job to go to work for a church? There were many years where I was frustrated as a Christian because I wanted to do more, but I was handcuffed to my job and my debt. I thought I needed to be a full-time minister to make a difference with my life.

I forgot that I was saved for a reason. God created you for a purpose. We don’t create our purpose, we discover it. Part of our purpose is to be related to God, to know him and love him. Another part is to help others come to know and love him. And that idea makes you a a full-time minister, if you want to be. You can serve people all the time, so they might come to know Jesus. You’re a fully-funded missionary if you have a job. And if you’re in transition, God is providing the funding, but he is for those of us who are working, too. The people we interact with every day are the people Jesus would have you serve.

The helmet of our salvation protects us, our physical life and our thought life. God can send his people into some difficult places with his armor. God saved you for a reason. His salvation of you was for an eternal purpose. His salvation protects you so you can stand firm which is how this passage started. Wherever Jesus has put you, stand firm. Let this helmet be part of your active armor. Put it on today.

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