How We Sabotage Spiritual Conversations

Often, we fail to talk with others about our faith in Jesus because our own attitudes and actions sabotage spiritual conversations.


We believe we have to convert people to Jesus. Or we believe we must at least assert our beliefs regardless of their willingness to receive. Everyone needs to have the same beliefs as we do, don’t they?

Do you believe people in your Monday-through-Saturday world want to talk about spiritual things?

God Space by Doug Pollock | Follower of One ResourcesIn Chapter 2 of God Space: Where Spiritual Conversations Happen Naturally by Doug Pollock, the author outlines 10 spiritual conversation killers. The question above is #1. I have a number of spiritual conversations each day, but mostly with people who understand my job helps believers see themselves as full-time ministers. But when it comes to people with whom I have a professional relationship, or with people I don’t know, I tend not to strongly believe they want to talk about spiritual things. Slowly, I’m learning the truth.

Imagine how curious you might be if you knew you wouldn’t look ignorant or be judged. Maybe the other person has simply given up. If we’re regular church attenders, we condition our brains, but imagine you haven’t been to a church in years. In an honest, non-judgmental situation, it would be difficult to contain your curiosity.


The chapter has 9 other conversation killers including another painful one, our language. Do you use Christian code words? I love this video by Micah Tyler. It’s an ad for Rosetta Stone, The Christianese Version.

Besides our beliefs and our language, what other ways to you see well-meaning Christians who sabotage spiritual conversations? Share your thoughts. Or check out God Space and read about the author’s other 8 ways we contribute to the problem.

Then, ask God to show you where you need to improve and how. He wants you to help other people move one notch closer to himself. God is working to draw all of us closer to himself all the time. Let him guide you to a place where you’re comfortable making room for spiritual conversations.

Featured Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

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