Pure and Reverent Lives 1 Peter 3:2

Pure and Reverent Lives

What does it take to get someone’s attention about the faith? I promise we can’t talk anyone into following Jesus. We won’t convince them by mentioning it every day for the rest of their life. Or sending them bible verses on Facebook every day. This is the 2nd verse in a 2-verse command by Peter to wives. But he goes on in verse 15 of this same chapter to suggest we wait to be asked. Our silent, respectful changed life is all anyone needs. God draws people to himself. We can’t draw them to him, but we can draw near to him and let them see our hope and our peace. That’s how God makes himself visible. Today, let’s live as servants quietly trusting Jesus to win our family, friends and coworkers. He is working in their life and our actions are part of his plan if we will simply pray, appreciate and serve. He will use us. Our actions will matter forever if we quietly live following him, and enjoying his peace and displaying our hope. We must do it in a quiet, pure and reverent way. Don’t forget to sign up for the Marketplace Mission Trip. It begins in 2 weeks. God to www.MarketplaceMissionTrip.com to learn more and sign up.

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