Jesus Fills Our Unfillable Hole

Seth Godin wrote a post recently titled How big is your unfillable hole? Seth thinks more deeply than many and his posts make me think. He talks about how we all dance with the unfillable hole. The truth of his post and how he described the unfillable hole struck me. 

An Empty Place

From a human perspective, our hole is unfillable. We have an empty place left by our denial of God and desire to create our own world. We all live with the same hole. The Bible calls our hole sin. Deep down inside, we know we can’t fill it because we didn’t make it. 

We All Fall Short

Everyone tries to fill their unfillable hole with different things: money, sex, drugs, alcohol, success, comfort, diversion, amusement, hobbies, work. We can create, but everything we create cannot fill that hole. So, we try to redefine reality and create a world without the unfillable hole. Our flesh and our world are so broken we tell ourselves broken is by design. We all fall short. 

We all dance Godin’s dance because we all live with the hopelessness of trying to fill our own hole. 

Jesus Fills the Hole

We need someone else to fill the hole. We need the One that created us to make it right. Jesus fills the hole when we follow Him. We receive eternal life in God’s kingdom and through the Holy Spirit, who fills that hole. 

Know Jesus

Those of us who know Jesus, experience fulfillment. We understand the joy and peace – the life – we experience when we focus on Jesus and the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 5:18). Jesus said He came to give us life (John 10:10), and peace (John 14:27). His life and peace fill our unfillable hole. We no longer dance with the unfillable hole. But when we focus on our circumstances, we sense the emptiness and re-join the dance. 

And we can all focus on our circumstances.


Therefore, we’re responsible. If we know and follow Jesus, we know we have a responsibility too. Our responsibility isn’t just to tell others about the One who fulfills us. Our responsibility is to live a life marked by generosity and love that flows from a filled, unfillable hole. 

I hope we live in such a way that they may see our good works and glorify our God in Heaven (1 Peter 2:12). That’s how others will see life beyond dancing with the unfillable hole.

Want to help others learn to live such a life? Join us on our next Marketplace Mission Trip.

Image by: Comeback Images for Getty Images

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