Keep It Going

Keep It Going

Leah: Hi, it’s Leah again. Have you enjoyed your Marketplace Mission Trip, and following Christ throughout your workday? Maybe you’re wondering, where do I go from here? What’s next? Let’s listen to Mike as he talks about some ideas on how to keep the mission going.

Way to Go!

Mike: Hey, you finished the mission trip. Way to go! At Follower Of One, we want to help you integrate your faith into your everyday work life. Our goal is to help you keep this going. So how did you do? Well, I want to tell you two stories of a couple of people who took the marketplace mission trip and the first one on Wednesday of the mission trip, our participant was confronted in a morning business meeting about a project that she was working on, but instead of acting defensively, she chose to listen carefully to what was suggested and thank people for what she learned. Later in the day, she was in a fitness class in the company gym with just her and the instructor and in walked the person who confronted her in the morning’s meeting and her response to me was that conversation dialogue that she had with that person was considerably different than it would have been as she reacted sharply in this morning’s meeting.

The Dr. Pepper

The second story is about a person who as he was walking out of work, noticed a Dr. Pepper in the break area where he could take it. He thought, hey, I get to, I get to have my favorite soft drink for the drive home, but then he remembered a coworker who also liked Dr. Pepper and the fact that he was on the marketplace mission trip. He chose instead to take the dr pepper and go put it on his friend’s desk. His friend wasn’t there and didn’t see him do it and he thought no one saw him, but the next day someone who did see him deliver that, Dr. Pepper took a moment to ask him, why did you do that? These are just a couple of the stories that we experienced in the conference calls each week and some people give us in the feedback form at the end of the trip.

What Now?

As you know, whenever we do what Jesus tells us to do, we experience some joy knowing that he’s involved. So we’ve completed the mission trip, but how do we keep it going? Well, we have four ideas of ways that you can do that through Follower Of One. The first one is to remember the five daily activities. The five daily activities are designed to be simple enough that we can remember them and do them every day. That’s pray, appreciate people know you believe, serve others, and speak for yourself. The second thing that we can do is join our online community. We are better when we’re around other people. Remember in Ecclesiastes it says that two are better than one. In the community, we want to connect people who have similar occupations or who are in similar industries so that we can help each other continue this process and keep growing as a marketplace minister.

Make an Investment

The third thing you can do is you can make an investment. We don’t charge for the marketplace mission trips and we don’t charge for the videos or any of the instruction that we give through this ministry. We want that to always be no cost to the participant, but if you would please make a contribution and pay it forward. It costs money to do everything that we’re doing and so anything that you can do to pay this forward will help other people, too. And then the fourth thing you can do is take the next marketplace mission trip. You’ll cement this into your future if you get in the habit of doing a few marketplace mission trips a year and inviting different friends to go each time so that you’re helping someone else get this experience and you’re sharpening your own skill at integrating your faith into your workplace every day. Thank you for being a part of the marketplace mission trip and thank you for being a part of Follower Of One. The difference that you made in your workplace matters forever. Those actions can’t be taken away. Your dependence on Christ makes a difference in our workplace and in our world. Thank you so much.

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