Learn the Eternal Value of Creating Connections in Your Workplace – Roger Courville, Ep #4

Creating Connections in Your Workplace

In today’s episode, Roger Courville talks about his passion for creating connections with people. He has spent several years teaching presentation skills in the virtual space where people think it’s all about technology. But he says the foundational thing is connecting with people. Since our faith becomes relevant wherever we are, it’s important to realize how this ties into our workplace. Working with people day in and day out creates a great opportunity for them to see a difference in you. Roger talks about how important it is to live out what First Peter 3:15 states – to always be ready to give an account for the hope that is in you. Learn the art of dialogue and how you can guide people relationally without being manipulative. You’ll realize that sharing your faith is easier than you thought. 

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:03]    Meet Roger Courville – connector, ambassador, learner
  • [6:11]    How Roger got from webinars to Christian apologetics
  • [10:52]  Find out why work matters to God
  • [17:04]  How does the marketing concept of micro-conversion relate to evangelism?
  • [20:37]  Can your faith make a difference in lives today?

Why did Roger go from teaching webinars to getting a Master’s in Christian apologetics?

Roger Courville | Follower Of One

Roger is a successful businessman and has started five companies over the years. He’s a renowned speaker in his field. How has all of his experience led to the decision to pursue a master’s degree in Christian apologetics? He admits that he spent the first half of his life trying to be the expert in the room. His goal now is to spend the second half of his life being the most loving person in the room. Find out how this shift in his thinking has helped him see opportunities in speaking with others. Listen to how he has learned that it’s not about having the right answers but about having an honest dialogue with people. God takes care of the rest. 

Find out why work matters to God

Do you make light of God’s ability to make your work matter? Roger speaks of First Corinthians 10:31 which states, “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” It’s a matter of our perspective and Who we’re working for. In the many corporate trainings Roger has done, he often heard people share the same struggle. How can what they do day-to-day create value in the marketplace? No matter what your work is, you must think in terms of how you’re creating value for someone else. Listen to this episode to hear how Roger and others have found ways to serve those they work with and what radical difference it has made.

How does micro-conversion in the marketplace relate to evangelism?

In marketing, a micro-conversion means the prospective buyer has slightly moved more in the right direction. It may take many micro-conversions until he becomes a customer. It’s a matter of growing the prospect’s trust in you as the seller. This is a great analogy to evangelism because it helps change your mindset to understand where a person is. Find out why it’s important to know this before trying to get someone to the next point. Listen to this episode to find out how you can help your coworkers move one step closer to Jesus by asking the right questions.  

Learn how creating connections can make a difference in your coworkers’ lives today

Some may think the only way to share their faith is by saying the name “Jesus.” Roger talks about the importance of learning how to be Jesus’ hands and feet rather than just talking about Him. Find out how to grow in your skill of conversation and learn the kinds of questions to ask. Make people curious by being willing to serve them. They’ll start to wonder what’s different about you. That’s your opportunity to make a connection and watch God finish His work through you. 

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