Life-witness Testimony – Acts 1:8

By SAM Morrison

Life-witness Testimony

Life-witness Testimony - Acts 1:8 | Follower of One

We are witnesses to life following Jesus. A witness testifies to what they see or experience. Often a testimony is given verbally. Someone asks you what happened. You explain what you saw or what you experienced. That’s one way to testify. Another way we testify is by how we live. And when our life and our word line up, we’re more likely to be considered credible. At least one other person (you) believes it. They know you do because you act accordingly.

Some think this is a command. Mike considers it a statement of fact. We’re Jesus’ plan. Our lives are his marketing strategy. When we obey him, people will ask. That’s when we speak for ourselves.

Often we think we need to convince someone else to follow Jesus. But Jesus only asks us to tell what happened. What happened to us? Why are we different? What made us change our lifestyle and follow Jesus? Answers to these questions should always be personal, first-person testimonies. We use “I” and “me” statements to convey the points. This keeps us from acting like preachers, and we stay in our area of expertise. We’re experts on what Jesus did in our lives; not so much about what Jesus intends for our friends.

Today, ask God to give you the opportunity. Ask him to prompt a coworker, customer or vendor to ask you why you live differently. Then you will have an opportunity to speak for yourself?

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