What Use Is That? – James 2:15-16

What Use Is That?

What Use Is That? - James 2:15-16 | Follower of One

Our faith must make a difference. And there’s one place in the world where you can guarantee that your faith will produce results: in your own life. James challenges us. If we see a need but do nothing to make a difference, “What use is that?” Well, what use is that?

An unbelieving world wants evidence. Our life change is the proof. We must get outside of our job description to help others move one notch closer to Jesus. If we go above and beyond in the performance of our jobs, it’s easy for someone to think we did it just to get ahead. But if we go above and beyond and no one knows, or there is no way it could benefit us, we testify about our faith. Others are prompted to ask, “Why did you do that?”

Today, ask God to show you ways you can serve others. Don’t steal any time from your employer. Give personal time to serve. If you get paid for doing it, you have your reward. But if you simply do it because Jesus said to, or James in this instance, that matters. Your service is of some eternal use. Jesus will use it. We must trust that he will. Get outside of your job description. Jesus didn’t call you to “just do your job.” He asks us to take up our cross daily and follow him. Your service to others will be the way Jesus gets their attention.

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