Live with Intention – Ephesians 5:15-16

Live with Intention

Sometimes we can draw the wrong idea from the choice of words we make. You’ve seen some of the jokes about how commas are important, like “Let’s eat, John.” The word “careful” can be one of those words. To be careful means to be intentional, cautious. Sometimes we hear be careful as a warning to not do something. But in this passage, Paul says we all walk. We should walk with care. Be intentional.

And the way we exercise intentionality in our walking is that we make the most of our time because the days are evil. The word translated time is the Greek word kairos rather than the word chronos. Chronos means minutes, or time as it passes. Kairos means moments, periods, or eras. When someone says this is our time, that’s kairos not chronos. Paul is saying, make the most of your time here on earth. Make the most of your moments. Make the most of your life. We make the most of our time, of our life, by living with intention. We all walk. Walking is life. Be careful how we walk means that we live on purpose, with intention.

We make the most of our time. We live in a fallen world, but we can maximize our lives by being intentional to walk with Jesus. Paul talks about this more in the verses below.

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