The Importance of Community with Felicity Skelton, #54

By Lee Whitehead

The Importance of Community

Felicity is a senior marketing veteran, primarily working in the insurance space, and currently teaches Yoga while also using God as a focal point during the sessions! Please welcome her to the podcast. 

 Episode Breakdown

  • 1:00 – Meet Felicity 
  • 4:10 – How Felicity Found God
  • 7:10 – Certified Holy Yoga Instructor 
  • 8:50 – Felicity’s Takeaways on the Market Place Mission Trip
  • 14:10 – Felicity’s hope for God within Faith at Work
  • 16:35 – Tips for taking the Marketplace Mission Trip


One of the most important things that Felicity talks about with Mike is the community. Community is a feeling of fellowship, and it so happens to be one of the most important human things we can have with each other. We build each other up, rely on one another, and within the right circumstances – like following Jesus, we bring the best out of everyone in the community. Felicity talks about how even a timid approach to joining the Follower of One community can inspire actions to make a difference each day in our lives. What do you see in your community? Is your community inspiring you to make a difference? Let us know in the comments!

Opportunities are Abundant 

Even in this pandemic, we are pushing through, one door closes, another opens. It is really hard to see these openings under the circumstances but if there is anything we have learned from God, it is that he has the master plan and we need to trust in the process! Felicity talks about how even though she fell on harder times due to the pandemic, because of the Marketplace Mission Trip she was able to take immediate action to make a difference in the other work she was doing. Do you give up on hope after the first difficulty you see? I know we might all be guilty of this but staying headstrong is key to our success in both our faith and work. 

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