Living Our True Identity in Christ with Hosanna Wong, Ep #145

Hosanna Wong is an international speaker, best-selling author, and spoken word artist helping everyday people know Jesus for real. She preaches in churches, conferences, prisons, and at events around the world. Her newest book “You Are More Than You’ve Been Told” is available for pre-order now! I connected with Hosanna after reading her first book, “How (not) to Save the World.” In this episode of Follower of One, Hosanna shares more about her books, her spoken work, and how to embrace and truly live our true identity in Christ. 

Outline of the Episode

  • Learn more about Hosanna Wong and her mission [1:23] 
  • Hosanna’s newest book, You Are More Than You’ve Been Told” [6:32] 
  • What we think about ourselves determines how we live [8:27] 
  • Hosanna’s spoken word piece, “I Have a New Name” [13:49] 
  • Evangelism in the workplace requires being bilingual [14:19] 
  • Why it’s important to learn to see from the lens of others [18:44] 
  • Life is about building relationships with others [21:53] 
  • What’s happening next for Hosanna Wong? [24:51] 
  • Embrace the power of specific prayer [29:18] 

Learn more about Hosanna Wong and her mission

Hosanna’s dad was a heroin addict in a Chinese gang. When someone introduced him to Jesus, it changed his whole life. He started an outreach for those battling addiction on the streets of San Francisco. Hosanna grew up attending church services 2–3 days a week. People showed up carrying alcohol and needles. It’s how she learned that Jesus could save anyone’s soul and redeem anyone’s story. And he could use anyone who would say “Yes.” 

It was during this time that Hosanna learned spoken word poetry. It became how she naturally shared about Jesus. When Hosanna’s dad passed away when she was 18, she struggled to determine what she could do with her life to make an impact. She had to figure out how she’d share the love of Jesus. All she knew was spoken word poetry. Now, Hosanna shares spoken word poetry around the world. 

Her heart was hardened toward the church. She loved God but didn’t feel like she fit into the “church.” But she spent 4.5 years crashing in pastor’s homes and sharing Jesus. She was met with love and hospitality. God helped her see what the community of the church could be. She knew she could be a part of creating the community she longed for. She strives to be the change in the church that she’s always prayed for. 

Hosanna’s newest book, “You Are More Than You’ve Been Told”

Hosanna’s book, “You Are More Than You’ve Been Told,” was written for Christ-followers to learn how to live out their faith and share the gospel. It’s meant to equip people with tangible tools to unlock a fresh way to live by looking at the rhythms of Jesus. It’s about healing the wounds deep in your heart and having real breakthroughs in your soul. 

Many of us heard lies from people we trusted when we were kids and it dictates how we live. If you’ve been told that you’re not enough, unworthy, unwanted, and unloved, and you believe it, it becomes the lens through which you view yourself. It causes us to live through the wrong lens. Hosanna wants to tell everyone in the world that “You are more than you’ve been told.” You deserve to see yourself through the lens of God to discover who you really are. Then you can live the life you were created to live. 

Evangelism in the workplace requires being bilingual

Hosanna notes that we are all called to be Christ’s ambassadors. But what does that mean in the modern world? An ambassador is someone who has to know two languages. God wants us to be bilingual. He wants us to represent the kingdom we’re from but know the language of the land we’re going to. An ambassador has to be obsessed with two cultures to accurately portray the message. 

We have to know the words and ways of those around us to know what they’re going through. This only happens in real relationships in close proximity with others. We also need to know the lens, words, and ways of God to know what he is saying. We need to be well-read in the word of God and be in close proximity to Him. What language do you need to work at more? 

Life is about building relationships with others

So many people in our lives will not step into a church building. Representing Jesus in our workplace is God’s plan A. We have to represent Him in the places that we are. Some people in our lives have no context for what a relationship would be like being unconditionally loved. Even being around someone who wants to listen to them or pray for them is shocking. In caring for them, you’re giving them a taste of what the love of God is like. We may talk about the love of God, but we can’t forget to be an example of what his love is like. How can you come alongside people and be with them where they are? 

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