Marketplace Mission Trip Recap February 2019

Our first public Marketplace Mission Trip is in the bag! We thought we’d share some of the info we collected so far as a mission trip recap.

Trip Statistics

Marketplace Mission Trip Feedback February 2019 | Follower of One
  • 50 – Number of people who signed up.
  • 34 – People who signed up for this but had never signed up for anything else through Follower of One.
  • 14 – Minimum number of churches represented (probably more).
  • 6 – Pastors.
  • 6 – States represented (that we know of).
  • 5 – Average nightly attendance on the conference calls.

Feedback Received

The respondents answered 9.4 (average) on the first question on the feedback form, “Would you recommend the marketplace Mission Trip to your friends?” Another question asked respondents to check all that applied. The questions, along with the number agreeing with each was:

  1. I noticed an increase in my Christ-awareness. – 8
  2. I sensed God used me in the lives of others. – 5
  3. I sensed an eternal purpose for my time in the marketplace. – 3
  4. I noticed an increase in the number of spiritual conversations I had. – 5
  5. I plan to continue my “mission trip” daily. – 7
  6. I helped someone decide to follow Jesus. – 0
  7. I experienced resistance and/or isolation from others. – 2

Direct Quotes

“Loved the concept and the application. This changed the way I view my daily routine at work and made me more aware of ways to display Christ while at work.”

Name withheld

“I really felt myself being more engaged than usual in the workplace. It was a real eye opener for me. The daily content was excellent to get me going each day!

Michael H.

“Your approach certainly makes missions at work less daunting and more doable.”

Trish B.

“I like the fact that it opens our eyes to the needs of our co-workers, teaches us to show the love and Jesus by our actions and shows we don’t have to go in our workplace preaching to everyone.

Chris F.

“My work environment has been difficult and I have felt defeated in my efforts to build relationships that would allow meaningful spiritual conversation. I believe that I saw the Holy Spirit move in my situation as well as the scriptures and teaching that helped me be more appreciative of my coworkers.”

Mandy N.

Initial Thoughts

We’re all busy. We all have a lot to do. The next “trip” is just around the corner – April 22 through May 5. Will you let the busyness of your life to take you out of the opportunities Jesus has for you? Sign up here and begin asking God to make a difference in your and in your workplace through you. That’s a prayer we know he wants to answer.

And invite your friends. One person recommended we have individual accountability partners rather than the large evening conference calls. Great idea! Make sure someone goes on the next mission trip with you!

Shopping Trip by rawpixel on Unsplash and Backpack by SJ Baren on Unsplash

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