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Take a mission trip - To your workplace

Join us on a 2-week mission trip to

your workplace!

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Our next trip takes place

September 11 – 25, 2022

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What do we do on a Marketplace Mission Trip?

Don't worry! We keep it simple and manageable for full time professionals.


Pray for our coworkers, friends and customers and anyone we meet. Ask God to show you ways to bless and encourage them.


Each weekday for 2 weeks, read a brief devotional and watch a short video filled with creative ideas and encouragement.


The second week, join a call each evening to celebrate Jesus’ miracles, pray for and encourage one another.

The six things that happen On a Marketplace Mission Trip

Build spiritual strength...

as you pray for your coworkers, customers and friends.

Walk closer with Jesus

as He uses you in the lives of your coworkers, customers and friends

Transform your mindset

as you work for God. Your motives and your actions change for the better.

Think about your faith

Your faith will come alive as you ask God to give you opportunities to serve others.

Develop flexibility

God will provide opportunities for you to serve others so that He might become known.

Experience God

When we join Jesus, we see His power, glory and strength on display.

What our Missionaries Say


Most frequent questions and answers

Just answer with the truth. If you don’t know, say that. Then go find out for them. You can ask us in the Follower of One community, search online or ask your pastor. Either way, keep the dialog open and learn together.

No. Pray for people, listen to them, and do things for them that are not part of your job description. Oh, and listen to them. Ask God to show you how to bless them and, if you need to say something, let Jesus give you the words. And don’t try to “convert” people. Most people have already made up their mind about Jesus. Just serve them and let Jesus do His part.

Please don’t, unless you feel like that is something they would be interested in. Focus on others and try to do for them what you would like. Do you like it when others invite you to church? Let them ask.

So are you in? Will you join us?

you have nothing to lose...