Monday Morning Mission Trips – iWork4Him Interview

By Mike Henry Sr.

Jim and Martha Brangenberg have a daily radio show called iWork4Him. Their episode on April 9 titled Monday Morning Mission Trips featured Nick Hamilton and myself talking about the most recent Follower of One Marketplace Mission Trip. We discuss how the idea came about and Nick shares his experiences on the first 2 trips.

Listen to a replay of the Monday Morning Mission Trips episode here.

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Jim and Martha have a natural and engaging interview style. You can tell they’ve been at it a while. iWork4Him just celebrated 6 years on the air this month! Take a minute to like the iWork4Him Facebook page, and share your thoughts about the episode. Or connect with Jim or Martha on LinkedIn, too. Please share this episode or their website / podcast in social media and help spread the word.

Jim and Martha also sponsor the iWork4Him Nation. Members of the nation agree to a series of commitments as daily followers of Jesus. They have explained almost the same steps we outline. iWork4Him Nation is very much aligned with the ideas we talk about here at Follower of One. You can see how God is using others to spread a message very much like the ideas we talk about in Follower of One.

Additionally, we have another Marketplace Mission Trip starting Monday April 22 and another June 17, 2019. Click this link to learn more, see what others are saying, and sign up now! And please share the link with 3 friends. Ask them to join you on the trip.

When we intentionally commit to serve others because we follow Jesus, he will make things happen. Don’t miss it!

And check out our latest Rise and Shine article in Tulsa’s Community Spirit Magazine, too. April’s article is titled, “Live an Unexplainable Life.” Thanks to Teresa and Ryan Goodnight and Community Spirit Magazine for their work in the Tulsa community.

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