Networking as a Marketplace Christian with SJ Barakony #123

Today on the Follower of One podcast, Mike Henry sits down with SJ Barakony, an American small business founder with a boundless appreciation for people, entrepreneurship, liberty, and lifelong learning. He has ties to multiple business ventures: He started the Education Sherpa in late 2011; over the next 11 years, he’s been offered a number of opportunities to partner with others, inc. the H7 Network; Econ Impact Catalyst; The Entrepreneurial Leap; Bee Konnected, and Web Strategy + / Social Media Enthusiasts. He’s a thought leader; futurist; guest blogger; super-connector; speaker; historian; and soft skills specialist. In this episode, Mike and SJ talk about his involvement in the business world, the H7 network, the importance of networking as a marketplace Christian, how SJ came to Christ, the importance of having a Christian community, how to integrate your faith into your workplace, and the importance of being a “giver.”

SJ Barakony
SJ Barakony

Outline of the Episode

  • 0:48 – About SJ Barakony and his involvement in the business world
  • 6:25 – About H7 Network
  • 10:37 – How SJ came to Christ
  • 14:15 – The importance of having a Christian community
  • 17:42 – How to integrate your faith into your workplace
  • 23:45 – The importance of being a “giver”

The Importance of Having a Christian Community 

God talks about the Church a lot in the Bible. The thing is when He mentions the Church, He means a community of believers. It is essential for our spiritual well-being to be a part of a Christian community so that we have people to push us closer to Christ. 

How to Integrate Your Faith into Your Workplace

It can be easy to not see your workplace as a mission field. But, the people we spend the most time with are our coworkers. Our actions and our attitude need to back up our faith so that people will ask why we are different. This allows for a gospel conversation to be started. 

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