Notice, Care and Serve – John 5:8

Notice, Care and Serve

There were a bunch of lame people (John 5:3) at the pool of Bethesda on the day Jesus healed the man in John 5:8. This man Jesus noticed had been ill for 38 years (vs. 5). Jesus seems to have snuck in, healed this guy, and snuck out (see vs. 13). We have no reference to him healing any others that day at that place, either.

God apparently directed Jesus to this one person. Who is God directing you to reach out to today? Do you see them? What can you do for them today? Jesus asked (John 5:6) and we can too. “Can I buy your lunch today?” Or “Can I help you with this project today?” One of the things that keeps us from seeing the people around us is our own unbelief. We don’t think we have the power to help. We don’t necessarily have the power to heal, but we have the ability to notice, to appreciate or care, and to serve. We can pray. We can be the solution to someone’s problem today.

In the Coronavirus, and the social distancing, to notice people as Jesus did and look for ways to help. You never know what difference you can make. Often it will only be for one of many, too. Let’s be people who notice, appreciate and serve.

Are these podcasts helpful to you? Would you let us know what you think? And tell your friends, too? We’re listener promoted and listener supported. When you tell a friend, you have no idea the impact their life can make in the world. Let’s encourage our friends to let their faith transform their everyday life. Our actions can matter forever. Thanks for being a minister in your marketplace.

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