Our Role In This Battle – John 2:7

By Tammy Burke

Do you ever wonder what Jesus wants you to do?

This is the story about Jesus’s first miracle, turning the water into wine. Do you ever wonder why Jesus asked them to fill the jars with water?

I think Jesus has chosen to include us because we need to be involved. If we could just phone it in, we would. God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are workers. We were made to work. Jesus includes us in his ministry. We talked about that 2 episodes ago. We were created to take part in this. It’s how we were made. We do better when we’re working, doing what Jesus want’s us to do.

As you read the New Testament, notice how many miracles required others to act first. When they fed 5000, Jesus told the disciples to feed them. And he used someone’s lunch of 5 loaves and 2 fish to do it. 

Let’s remember we have a role to play. Step into your role. Be on the lookout for ways to serve the people around you. We have a calling. We’re enlisted in the greatest battle in history. You’re part of the team. Step up and take your position. 

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