Our True Identity – Luke 2:49

Our True Identity

Don’t you love it when the superhero shows up? They put aside their costume and reveal who they really are. And their real self makes a difference. We all want a little of the superhero to show up. We want to put off our have-to in order to be who we were made to be.

Jesus had this experience when he was 12. After 3 days, Mary and Joseph find him in the Temple. For now, let’s agree they weren’t neglecting their child. Times were different. They were distraught when they found him, but his response is what interests us today. Jesus reminds us who his Father is. And he also reminded them and us, that he had to be about his father’s business.

When we act out of our true identity, we are aligned with our Creator – not so much our earthly father as our heavenly Father. He is the one who created us. He gave us our purpose, gifting, calling and strengths. They’re baked in. We can shed our costume as we learn about our Father and we learn to be about our Father’s business.

The book, About My Father’s Business: Taking Your Faith To Work by Regi Campbell is a wonderful book on how to practically be about our Heavenly Father’s business at work. This book made a big difference in Mike’s walk with God. You might be interested to check it out.

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