Out With the Old Kingdom – Colossians 1:13

Out With the Old Kingdom

Out With the Old Kingdom - Colossians 1:13 | Follower of One

On this last day of the year, let’s remember we’ve been freed from the kingdom of Satan or the domain of darkness. Notice too, that we’re in the kingdom of Jesus now. This is not a future promise, but a past reality. We don’t have to hang out in the domain of darkness any more. We are members of the kingdom of Jesus.

Not only is it now, but it’s not dark. I notice many movies and books today project a dark, dim future. Our world has less and less hope. Maybe one of the best things about 2020 is that it has us looking to the future again. Today, rather than reflecting on the bad, reflect on the good. God saved you from the authority, the kingdom of Satan. He gave you a permanent, non-refundable membership in his kingdom. And as Oswald Chambers says, our job is to live in such a way that others see our King, and his kingdom. They don’t need to see us. Our life and joy don’t come from who we are as much as they come from who we belong to. We’re Christ’s people. Let’s enjoy him, and the power of his kingdom here, now, while we live and work with others.

I hope you can take some time to reflect on all that Jesus has done for you. It can be a rich time. Then, tomorrow, let’s get to work on the next one. We can also enjoy the hope we have for the next day and year, too!

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