Walk Worthy of the Lord Part 2 – Colossians 1:11-12

Walk Worthy of the Lord Part 2

Walk Worthy of the Lord Part 2 - Colossians 1:11-12 | Follower of One

Walking worthy of the Lord means that we begin with being filled with his knowledge so that we please him in all respects, bearing fruit, and growing our knowledge. As we do those things, we are strengthened with God’s power, and that power doesn’t come out of our strength but we receive it in accordance with his power. The power is supernatural and so is the portion.

But the power doesn’t produce the result we might consider. We can’t fix most of the bad things that happen in our workplaces or our world. The power helps us become steadfast and patient, so that no matter what our circumstances are we are joyful and thankful to God.

Notice how our steadfastness and patience result in joy and thankfulness. Then each further makes God visible. I never think of power resulting in patience. I always think of power resulting in change. But our knowledge of God helps us be with him, and experience his power and joy so that we become steadfast and patient. I realize power is at work. The work is hard and long. But God is doing his thing, so I learn how to wait with joy.

And my realization of God prompts me to thanks. When I’m thankful in any circumstance, God becomes visible.

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